Getting involved

I need to talk

By placing this emoji in your Twitter name or profile people will know you are reaching out for someone to talk to.

This will encourage “listeners” to make contact with you either via a Tweet.

Once you have connected, and have followed each other, we would encourage all further communication to take place via the Direct Message (DM) option. This will ensure private and very personal information is kept out of the public domain

I'm here to listen

By placing this emoji in your Twitter name or profile, people will know you are willing for someone to reach out to you, or you will reach out to anyone who has the “I need to talk” emoji on display.

Your role is simply to listen and be there for the other person. You are not to make judgement or comment on the persons situation.

If during the conversation you become worried about the other persons mental state, please encourage them to seek urgent medical attention.

Disclaimer – Communicating with anyone involved in this scheme is not a substitute for professional medical advice or attention. People contributing to the scheme are not medical professionals but are providing an opportunity for people to reach out and talk when they are feeling vulnerable.

We encourage that all communication is transmitted via the Twitter Direct Message (DM) channel. People wishing to provide others with their contact details do so at their own risk.

All communication between parties must remain confidential at all time.